Fotografija i priroda

Pogled u zivot

Neki dan ispred dzamije me nasmija jedan covjek: ma otkud ti zaluta ovdje? 😀 Zapravo, bila sam tu prije 10ak godina kada sam dovela jednu djevojku da fotka i dok smo s nekim razgovarale, dodje i Dr. Morsi.Ovo je Dr. Morsi, mnogima poznat kao doktor ili neko ko je otvorio prvi Islamski Centar u Bowling Green-u. A ja sam ga zapamtila kao covjeka koji me je tog prvog susreta pogledao i zastao, kao da imamo nesto jedno drugom reci. Ja sam u sebi cekala da li cu otkriti dublji razlog naseg susreta, a onda ugledah njegovu vizitku. 

Pisalo je da je specijalista ‘rijeci’ koje prezirem na svakom jeziku: pankreas, jetra, gusteraca. Skrivajuci koliko se ustvari bojim njegovog odgovora, ipak sam hrabro izgovorila: “Da niste slucajno bili doktor mojoj mami?” Nada se zvala. Nije se mogao sjetiti pa smo iz dzamije otisli u njegovu kliniku i izvadili smo sve foldere iz 2000-te. Tada jos nije bilo sve u kompjutere uvedeno.  

I zamislite! Pronadjemo papire od Mami! Istrcala sam iz njegovog ofisa u suzama i jecanju! Nisam bas tako zeljela reagovati, ali to je bilo jace od mene. Ne znam, mozda za dan, dva ili koju sedmicu sam se vratila, ne sjecam se, ali sjecam se odluke da zauvijek budem jaca od zivota. Kada sam se vratila, zauvijek sam dobila i podrsku za svaki korak u mom zivotu.

Dugo sam cuvala ovu pricu o ovom covjeku, ali dijelim je jer zvot je proces. Kada sam Dr. Morsija upoznala, proslo je 10 godina otkako je bio doktor mojoj Mami, a ja do tog trena nisam mogla ni da je spomenem, a kao tinejdjerka, mislila sam da je neko mogao uciniti nesto drugacije ili bolje da moja situacija ne bi bila takva kao sto je bila..No, u zivotu covjek nauci da otvoriti i srce i dusu da bi prihvatio istinu i naucio da je zagrli kada je otkrije. 

I tako sam opet zalutala u dzamiju da pronadjem ovog covjeka. I izlazi sa dzume i kaze, “Heloooo, hajmo u ‘bear’ da se ispricamo!” Dok skontah da je to kafe Behar, on me vec ispita sve o zivotu, o Skoli, o svemu! Pogledate li vi nekad nekoga i u ocima vidite svu dobrotu, iskrenost, snagu, prijateljstvo, odnosno prepoznate ljude i vidite to kao najveci razlog zbog kojeg postaju dio vaseg zivota..

🙂 <3


From Bosnia to Bowling Green

Behind the Kentucky Museum at my alma mater, Western Kentucky University, hides an art piece by Visoko’s trio HAD collective artists: Muhamed Bešlagić- Hamo, Anel Lepić, Damir Sarač. Virginia walked out from the cabin where we met so many times trying to organize things for the exhibit that would become part of the International Year of Bosnia. On cabin’s window, Bosnian flag peaks. Then I realized I wasn’t in Bosnia, but in Kentucky walking over to see the artwork by amazing artists who use hammers, chisels, drills, and found paint, to transform abandoned buildings into powerfully moving sites for remembrance. I met them with my former professor Mr. Kenney when we visited the old VISPAK building where most of their artwork lives. They were patient enough to spent a whole day with us as we photographed them. Soon, Yvonee Petkus and WKU hosted the artists in Bowling Green, and today I was astonished with the two pieces of art they created. 
But before coming here, I visited Spencer’s coffee shop where Mr. Kenney’s work hangs from the summer 2017. And I remember how every one of his pictures was created. It was an amazing body of work, and I was so happy to make it to Bowling Green to see it. This is the image from Visoko where Mr. Kenney captured HAD’s artwork dedicated to Srebrenica.I actually went twice to see the show in Spencer’s. This is the first show I went to at WKU and Gina took me to see it. This is where Mr. Kenney spoke about my Skola fotografije. 

This image is of Father Joso in the smallest chapel in Srebrenica. Two of these images are in Medjugorje, and the portrait is from Srebrenica. And I am preparing a new post about the time I spent with Mr. Kenney around Bosnia. Then, I walked inside the Kentucky Museum to see Brent Bjorkman and the exhibit “A Culture Carried: Bosnians in Bowling Green”. The planning for this happened at the cabin, and then I left, but today I was so happy to see the show that over the year people were sending images of. 

At the entrance are the shoes I brought from Bosnia, and to the left is my war story about my Backstreet Boys experience. I never thought the notebook I made about them during the Bosnian war would end up at the museum, but you know what, I love that it did. They were the brightest part of my childhood. Also, it was their 20th anniversary the other day, and I commented on their photo. Yesterday, Nick Carter liked the comment. 😛 

🙂My audio story

This image with a view of a mosque and churches in Sarajevo is when Mr. Kenney and I flew the drone over the city. Then the drone ended up on the minaret. We got it, and I just can’t tell which one of the memories with Mr. Kenney is more memorable. 

This is Brent Björkman, the Director of the Kentucky Museum and the Kentucky Folklife Program. Brent was in Bosnia in the summer of 2017 with Mr. Kenney and other seven faculty members from WKU. 

Please visit the museum, even the squirrel did, and check out the website:

Welcome // Dobro došli

After the museum, I walked into my photojournalism department at Mass Media only to see the show “Bosnia-Herzegovina: Then and Now” on its last day. I arrived about the same time when Mr. Kenney did and we reunited after a year. Then Mr. B, who organized this exhibition, joked that they waited for me. After I left the building, they really took off the show. But in this exhibition is work by Lara Ciarabellini, Amel Emric, Matt Lutton, Jose R. Lopez, Roger Richards, Andy Spyra, and I. Jose, Roger and Amel were the brave photojournalists who documented Bosnian war in the 90s. Us kiddos documented the aftermath, the mass graves, the daily life, faces of the community, and best part is, I worked with these people and I was so lucky our paths crossed. I was the happiest today that our work was exhibited together.

Mr. B and Mr. Kenney, thank you for making this happen. This is one of my images of my grandma and her neighbor. 

I left with a fulfilled heart and soul. I was so proud to be here, and to have had these people as my teachers, today as friends and some of the best people I know. When I think about it, to be so honored, loved, appreciated, encouraged and supported by all those who decided to give us time and space to represent Bosnia&Herzegovina, is the most uplifting thing someone could have done! And this is not even the end, this is just the beginning. Mr. Kenney is always looking for ways to support my Skola fotografije, and how could I not be happy? 

Thank you. Thank WKUPJ, WKU, Office of International Programs,International Year of Bosnia, the community, family, friends and everyone who took a part in this. <3 


Only here do deer not fear humans. And here, people do not fear to love people.

From that very first moment at the roundabout entering Ohio University, I’ve experienced as if I’ve known this place. Here, we worked hard, created, but every moment of my time was significant. As I met people I wanted to photograph, they taught me about this place, about their lives, and soon I’ll discover how they are all connected. So it made my life here as if I was living in the most beautiful fairytale, only, it was all real. Because of these people, I forever have a place I call my second home: Athens. It’s a place with brick roads on which city’s name is engraved, and seems whoever has lived here, wants to take one as a reminder. And I just revisited because in 2014, woman named Elise Sanford opened the door to her house, to her heart and her life, and started telling me about all the people whom I got to meet as we gathered to celebrate her life on April 14, 2018.

Someone said that Elise left magic among us, and now I see how each one of us are caught in it. That’s how I got to stay with Anne. But I didn’t know Anne from before. I knew she was the woman Elise described to me as ‘I instantly went to her, trying to make Athens Photographic Project (APP) work..I couldn’t have done it alone.” And I have a photo of Elise and Anne from one exhibition, but it wasn’t until now that I actually met this wonderful woman full of love, strength, understanding and so much more. How lucky I am to have gotten to know her! She was the one that contacted me and said that Elise is no longer with us. And among thousands of canceled flights on the day of my departure, they laughed at me at the airport, but my flight was the only one not on strike. Anne and her husband picked me up and she introduced me to her wonderful family and with all the people associated with Elise and APP.

At the Celebration of Elise’s Life, I was so honored to see photos I took of Elise. Natalie asked me to say something during the service. Natalie was Elise’s lawyer and she wears a wedding ring that belonged to Elise’s grandmother. This was my first time to speak during the service, and I told all people that I knew them through the stories Elise told me. Everyone shared a beautiful story, and it truly was an honor to be here. Then Nate finished the service speaking how Elise allowed us to grow and to mature.


Elise was one of the founders of National Alliance for Mental Health Athens (NAMI Athens), along with her husband Ed. After he passed away, she took his place on the Ohio NAMI Board, and served for 8 years. Left alone to care for her son Mike who battles schizophrenia, and disturbed by the lack of treatment in the community, Elise started a program that will forever change the lives of many, Athens Photographic Project. “Photography, because that’s what I know best,” she told me.

During the celebration of her life, I saw a woman who lived a complete and meaningful life. She brought difference in the lives of many, including mine, and there was much to celebrate, to stand and be proud of, to appreciate, recognize and to carry on by doing good. She even allowed us to celebrate all this, so how is it possible to mourn and celebrate at the same time?! During the service, it was great to hear that this in fact, was possible.

George Eberts: ‘My Astronomer’

That’s what I call him, my astronomer. I went to his department looking at photos of the faculty, and decided I wanted to photograph him. I found him in his classroom and explained what I wanted, but he looked at me and said, “Can you take my car keys, I’m trying to take students to watch the stars, but I do not trust anyone to drive my car.” So we became friends.

“Did you know Elise’s husband hired me and George many years ago in the Physics Department?” I was asked by George’s friend. Yes, in fact, he just talked about that with me. George also works at O’Bleness hospital and his boss is the beautiful woman whose children I photographed long ago because she and her husband adopted them from Russia. George is the one that told me all about the Ridges, the most famous place in Athens where psychiatric hospital was.

And this is ‘Geroge’s observatory’ where the new telescope is that he’s been talking about for years. But until few years ago, on this very place was an abandoned tuberculosis building. My first night in Athens, I lost my way in search of friends who needed a ride, and I discovered it. At the time the security watched the building. I told my classmates about it and we returned during the day, and right next to it, I discovered path to Ridges hiking place. That’s where deer stood next to me but did not run away.  
15 Maple

My first house where I lived, 15 Maple. Sometime before the end of the semester, I left the house early and moved in with Nasiha into a totally different neighborhood. Then, end of the semester, a girl from the chemical engineering department called wanting to move in for only a month with us. The new girl said she needed peace from the house she lived in. We did not know her, and I joked how I left Maple 15 early because I needed a break. She looked at me and said that’s where she lived, and not only that, but she lived in my former room! Last semester, I moved to another house with Anesa, and on the lower floor lived Jason. I told him about the ‘random 15 Maple girl’, only to hear that’s where he grew up and asked if the cool monkey graffiti was still in the basement.  

Nasiha, my Pakistani sister-roommate

The roommate I found on Craig’s list, who peeked through the door, so lazy to get up and open the door, but when she did, we looked at each other and instantly became sisters. What a great birthday gift I got. We’ve traveled the US together, it seems. We walked over 40 kilometers in New York, crossing every major bridge. We saw D.C., Florida, Kentucky, and so much in between, but my favorite story she tells me is when I was half asleep after I returned from Bosnia. I woke her up at 5 AM. I missed her so much, and I was so used to her waking up at that time to pray. So in my sleep, I woke her up several times, telling her it was time to pray. I was so persistent that roomy prayed before the time. In the morning she told me that not even her parents pushed her to pray. 🙂 She just flew from Florida to see me. That’s where I left her the last time. We looked at each other and said: “Cherry blossom trees?” Yes!

Then we went to Chinese to eat and read the fortune cookies, and years of coming to this place, I finally found the one that made sense.



I walked into a local church on campus in search of photographing something, and as I sat down, APP’s artist,  Brandon LaBonte (1988-2014) approached me because of my camera. I was telling him I wanted to use photography in a way that it helps people. Then he told me of Elise and APP, and that’s really how it all began. I met with Nate, then when I arrived as volunteer I met Elena, who instantly said she loved me. Then we became friends. I love this girl. I found many people there: Donna, Christy, Pete, Adele..


On my first day as a volunteer teacher with APP, I found Andrea who also came to work with me. We became friends, and she took me to Aaron Carter’s concert at our campus. As I tried to take selfies, he kissed me on my cheek and said:”I just couldn’t resist it.” Andrea came to Bosnia last year, but my favorite story is when I visited Athens few years ago, and Andrea, Nasiha and I cut the line to see Bill Clinton. Then a woman yelled at me that she was there since 9 AM. I told her I came all the way from Kentucky, but she kept yelling. Then magically, a group of people who had tickets, approached us in that very moment, gave us tickets and we entered the event. Andrea is friends with our great film crew who also came to Bosnia to see me, Luke and Wenting.

Uruguay-Bosnian-American student! 

When I first I arrived to Ohio University I was few days late. I came straight from Bosnia, and I showed up in my Uruguay shirt that my friend Florencia gave me when she left Kentucky. I always travel in this shirt. Up to this day, on my OU transcript it says I am from Uruguay. Even if one year during the International Day uptown, there was a Bosnian flag hung up for me. I didn’t know about the flag. I was walking with Nasiha when I saw Pete from APP, and he said he was just taking photos of the flag to send me. I looked up, saw it and I started crying from happiness. 

Ohio University Viscom, Terry and Stan

Terry was the director of our program, and someone who has changed my life by accepting me here. Him and Stan both! At my first job interview here I experienced a moment that would make my life difficult for the years to come, but at the same time open my eyes to be stronger and to work on it. My speech somehow just disappeared. And I did not get the job. I couldn’t answer anything about photography. (I am picking up on my communication, no worries.) 🙂 But my last two semesters here, I worked with Terry as his assistant, and I’d remember all the material from the previous year. In general, I’d remember every detail and thing about everything and anything. Ironically though, my memory so was so great that when I defended my Master’s, I forgot to print the book for the committee. : ) But since Terry knew me enough, he showed up to my defense with my book “Photography Heals” about Athens Photographic Project. We watched video of Elise, and I haven’t shown it to anyone since. Elise didn’t get to see my Master’s Project, but she knew one day someone would ask about it. And it happened right after the service for her. She told me as I recorded her that Mike never attended the classes. “Maybe one day he will..But he helped in so many other ways.” Elise was also Terry’s graduate student and it is there she developed the idea to use photography to help people express themselves, to reveal their identity and much more.


My first day in Athens this time around, Anne dropped me off at Whit’s, my favorite cafe. There, I often sat with Marian, Tijana, Anesa, Mladjan and Sonja. One day an African-American man approached us and asked where we were from. We answered: Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Srbia, and Bosnia. Then he asked how come we all speak, laugh and understand each other. Marijan told him it was complicated, but we understand each other! 

I left a coin on Whit’s cup that has been there for years. I then waited for Anne to pick me up. It was pouring rain. I hid next to the OU store, when spontaneously Nasiha came running, hiding at the same place. “It is only here, other than in Pakistan, I feel a sense of belonging,” she said. And that’s exactly why we both knew we wanted to reunite here.

The Brick, to complete my Athens life

But before I left, I had to do the one thing that many get angry at us students for: steal the brick and leave a hole on the road. Yet I didn’t want to purchase the brick, not because of the money but because I haven’t walked on it. And as you see, it made me extremely happy because this brick made me feel as if my whole Athens life will fit inside it once I take it to Bosnia with me. So, forgive me people and thank you. But see, even the fish stole not one, but three! : )Anne arrived, took me to her beautiful blue home, and did I tell you: I woke up the other day and went outside her house to take photos of the sheep, only to realize I was here before. When I first arrived to Athens it was my birthday, and I was walking to 15 Maple with hands full of groceries. I can’t remember why I didn’t have a bag, but as I passed by the Barber shop next to Salaam, The Barber as I call him, opened the door, gave me few bags and I told him he was the first person I met here, and I’d consider this as my birthday gift. Later, I did a story on him, and I had to go to Glouster to Sam’s Gym to photograph him. On my way there one day, I stopped by the beautiful blue house with sheep around. I wanted to photograph it. Anne’s husband Tom opened the door.

Anne has this big beautiful flower garden that she made, and I only found one little leaf that would describe her, my time, and all the other people I met here.

Škola fotografije gost na FACE TV, a na američkom univerzitetu izložba o BiH

Američki univerzitet zahvaljujući Zeničanki cijelu akademsku godinu posvetio BIH, ona u rodnom gradu pokrenula Školu fotografije – Na Western Kentucky University (WKU) u SAD-u, univerzitetu koji je odlučio posvetiti čitavu akademsku godinu BiH, 31. januara je otvorena izložba “Bosna i Hercegovina: Prije i sada”, pise Zenicablog. 

Medjutim, nisam jedina odgovorna za ovo. Moje kolegice su bile direktni inicijatori projekta Year of BiH, ali moj fakultet fotozurnalistike je posvetio sve izlozbe, te dosao u BiH ljeta 2017, zbog mene jer sam bila jedina Bosanka koja je zavrsila ovaj smjer.

Zeničanka Dijana Muminović je na WKU završila studij fotožurnalistike i sa svojim bivšim profesorima organizovala je izložbu u kojoj učestvuje sedam fotografa. Neki od njih su Jose R. Lopez, urednik NYTimesa, koji je fotografisao BiH tokom rata i Roger M. Richards, koji je također bio u BiH za vrijeme rata, a sada radi na realizaciji filma Sarajevo Roses – vidi link ovdje.

“Ovo su bliski prijatelji Bosne”, rekla je Dijana. Drugi učesnici su fotografisali posljeratne priče, kao moja prijateljica Italijanka, Lara Ciarabellini, koja me je upoznala dok sam ležala na cesti fotkajući kolonu koja je krenula pješke prema Serebrenici. Andy Spyra, Nijemac, koji je kao i Lara posvetio nekoliko godina našoj zemlji, kao i Matt Lutton, ali i Amel Emrić, poznato i priznato ime bh. fotografije.

U Kentucky Muzeju 2017. je također održana izložba na kojoj je predstavljena cjelokupna tradicija BiH. Dijana je bila jedan od učesnika, a i u timu upravnog odbora.

“Ovog mjeseca će biti realizovana i treća fotografska izložba, čiji je autor moj bivši profesor James Kenney, koji je u junu 2017. bio u BiH, sa još jedanaest profesora sa mog univerziteta”, rekla nam je Dijana.

Dijana od 2010. sarađuje i intenzivno komunicira sa univerzitetima, na kojima je završila bachelor i magisterij. U 2011. je organizovala foto radionicu sa svjetski priznatim fotogafima i studentima, koji su dosli iz SAD i Evrope, te proveli dane u našem gradu. Direktor Muzeja Adnadin Jašarević je omogućio izlaganje fotografija tih autora.

Dijana trenutno vodi Školu fotografije u Muzeju Grada Zenice, odnosno, prvi foto program u Bosni i Hercegovini koji je dostupan svim građanima koji su zainteresovani da se bave fotografijom.

“Na mom času je najmlađa učesnica sedmi razred, a najstarija ima 72 godine. Ponosna sam i čast mi je da su to moji učesnici. Svi smo tu zbog fotografije i ni jedne sekunde ne sumnjam u rezultat našeg finalnog projekta”, rekla je Dijana.

“Želim da predstavim moć fotografije u svom gradu, a i BiH, i smatram da se previše dugo ova oblast tretirala kao manje vrijedna. Čas fotografije ne postoji ni u školama, niti na univerzitetima, a sasvim bi trebalo biti normalno da novinska fotografija egzistira kao predmet na fakultetu novinarstva”, rekla je Dijana.

“Konekciju koju imam sa svojim univerzitetima i sa fotografima u svijetu je veliko bogatsvo za mene i za razvitak fotografije u mom gradu, a ujedno i BiH.”

U martu će Škola fotografije učestvovati u izložbi fotografija žena, koju organizuje naš sugrađanin Josip Dujmović, na kojoj će ženski članovi Škole po prvi put ucestvovati u ovakvoj izložbi, a na ljeto će Škola fotografije imati svoju izložbu na kojoj će izlagati fotografije o projektu, kojeg trenutno realizuju i čuvaju kao iznenađenje našem Gradu.

Božićna magija

Planetu sam obisla i nisam je vise pronasla, samo one koje lice na nju. Iako je vjerovala na svoj nacin, njoj ljudi nisu imali kategoriju. Vjernik je bio vjernik, na koji god nacin da je molio. I tacno, uvjerih se u ovo sinoc kada sam otisla na Ponocku u ‘njenu crkvu’ da joj odam pocast. Kao djevojcica, cvrsto sam je drzala za ruku tokom mise posmatrajuci jaslice. I sinoc mi se na tren sve ucini prazno. Promjenili su jaslice, a i kako ugledah njenu drugaricu, tako i zaplakah. No, ubrzo se sve promjeni i podje magija:

Ugledah prijatelje koji ne mole na nacin na koji se moli u crkvi. “Vidim nisi me prepoznala,” rece Amel. Ugledah jos lica koja su dosla zbog prijatelja, a i dusa koja su dosla da se pomole. Tu je bila i Leontina, i kako je lijepo vidjeti nekoga poznatog!

Smjestih se do izlaza, kada me tamo docekase zagrljaji moje Merime i njene mame. A Meri me cvrsto uhvati za ruku i tako smo docekale kraj mise. Iza nas je bio Armin i ovaj put nije fotkao, vec sa prijateljem dosao i kaze:”Nije neobicno da se u ovoj crkvi pridruze ljudi razlicitih vjerskih pripadnosti..”

Koliko nam samo namecu da budemo podijeljeni u ovoj zemlji, a ja ipak vjerujem da smo mi jaci i da je vise ljudi koji se ne klasificiraju u ove ili one, vec u dobre ljude, ljude koji su gradjeni od ljubavi! I zamislite, ja ih poznajem!

Zato sretan Bozic dragi ljudi, rodbino i prijatelji. Sretan dan iako ga mozda ne obiljezavate, ali magicno li je kada se radujemo zato sto se nasi prijatelji i drage osobe vesele i slave ovaj ili bilo koji drugi njima bitan dan?!

Mir i ljubav dragi ljudi!

Zašto priroda i fotografija?

Vjerovatno se sjecate kada ste prvi put naucili voziti bajk ili kada ste prvi put vozili auto..A ja, ja se sjecam kada sam se prvi put popela na Planinu. I ne bih o ovome mogla nikada govoriti da nisam dozivjela licnu transformaciju.

Bilo je to kada sam prolazila kroz jedan period u zivotu, da kazem, kada sam gubila najbitniju osobu. A ona se nesto nije bojala tog nekog svijeta poslije ovog, a ja realista zbog kombinacije osjecaja ponosa, te viska energije i zbog osjecaja gubitka koji je na pragu, trazila sam sto moj duh i tijelo: da se popnem na Planinu.

Govorili su da ce to da me ojaca i smiri. I tacno, treba slusati svoje tijelo, naucila sam!

Mada, danas penjem jer cesto ne znam sta skukati za rucak! Jednom sam se dva puta popela i tako ostala bez rucka! 🙂 Penjem jer volim svaku osobu koja koraca sa mnom; svaku salu, svaki smijeh. Volim svaki napor i kako nikad ravnica da dodje! Penjem jer kada sam sretna, postanem sretnija. To je moje zdravlje.

I zasto bi covjek sebi uskratio da bude sretan?

No, zivot i dalje izaziva, oduzima, rusi. Nekad, taman kada sklopim piramidu, vjetar puhne…Da li vama ikada odnese neke trenutke, zelje…ljude?

Ja upravo tad prepustim Planini da sve izbalansira..Izbrise negativu koju ne znam kako je uopste dosla do mene..a ona me ostavi sa najbitnijim sastojcima zivota: srecom, osmijehom, vedrim duhom, voljom. Ljubavlju.

Planina je izvor moje snage, a to razumiju oni koji planinare sa mnom.

I tako meni drug, mozda ne znajuci intenzitet i bitnost svega ili ipak znajuci, pruzi ruku da penjem novu Planinu. I dozivotno ovim potezom ostavi trag i snage potrebne za svaki korak dalje. Tako podje za mene nova avantura i penjanje novih vrhova.

I to je ta transformacija koja se rodi i uvjeri covjeka u sopstvene sposobnosti. Tako da je svakom, “nemam ja vremena za to…ja radim..ja odmaram vikendom..” dosao kraj jer planine su postale obaveza zbog kojih odgadjam sve ostalo. Tamo su moji ljudi koji dijele ovo isto misljenje i dozivljavaju sve ono sto se cini nemogucim.

A cudno je drugima kako toliko dusa hoda, a svi se slazemo..Jednostavno je: ne rusimo jedni drugima zelje..i sve sto se desava u gradu, planina nema prostora za to! Mi stojimo jedni uz druge i svakog vikenda pruzamo jedni drugima ruku, samo da bi se svi mogli popeti na vrh. Jer zasto bi bili negdje dolje, kada je pogled mnogo ljepsi sa visine?!

Tako je bilo i sa novom ekipom Skole fotografije dok smo penjali vidikovac u Vranduku, jedno po jedno i popeli smo se na vrh i zapoceli nase prve korake foto knjige o tvrdjavama i ljepotama BiH!

Kada smo skupa, vjear moze da puse, da rusi..

Planina [je] jaca. Ona stiti.

Sada znate zasto priroda i fotografija!

Fotografija koja biljezi sve, koja je meni dosla mnogo ranije i uticala i inspirisala da fotkam i obidjem mjesta za koja nisam ni znala da postoje! Fotografija koja me je dovela i do planinarskog drustva Vedro gdje se i rodila zelja da zajedno sa Skolom fotografije fotkamo i stvaramo, a tu su nasi clanovi uvijek bili prisutni. Ukoliko neko zeli da hoda duze sa mnom, cika Besimom, cika Ivicom, izlete mozete pogledati ovdje.

A sada sa zadovoljstvo dijelim informaciju da prva registrovana Skola fotografije u Bosni i Hercegovini, vec ima svog izdavaca, a njeni clanovi lagano stvaraju i ostvaruju foto knjigu.

U nedjelju 5. novembra idemo u Srebrenik i nastavljamo kroz objektiv posmatrati nasu Domovinu, svijet oko sebe, dobre ljude i stvarati price o njima kako bi drugi vidjeli ono sto i mi! Polazak i ostale detalje dogovorimo na casu!

Idemo, fotkajmo, hodajmo, uzivajmo! Idemo, pravimo knjiguuuu!

**Planinarenje je samo opcija, ne brinite! Mi cemo svakako imati fotoshootinge i izlete u prirodi sa organizovanim prevozom. 🙂 


Svako je doba godine lijepo. No niti jedno me ne oduševljava raznolikošću boja i igrama sunčeve svjetlosti, plesu sjenki i zagrljajima toplote kao jesen. A danas je bio jedan od onih dana, kada ma koliku tugu u duši da nosiš, jednostavno moraš da nabaciš osmijeh i ljubav, zagrliš drage ljude oko sebe i zahvališ se Jednom.

Fotograf u pokušaju, pisac u kolijevci danas se vratio kući prepun izmješanih osjećaja. Smjenjivali su se se jedno za drugim sreća, tuga, bol, ljubav, osmijeh, suze i tako sve u krug. I tako sve u istom momentu. Poput jakog plimnog vala.

Provele smo divan jesenji dan nas dvije. Moja Sreća i ja. Družile se s rajom iz Škole fotografije, fotkale, smijale, upijale sunčevu energiju. Čak smo i zadaću uradile. Ah, te kompozicije. Kaže Di, za zadaću treba ufotkati kompoziciju i u istom tom momentu ja sam imala fotografiju pred svojim očima. Drveni most sa jarko žutom ogradom. Most preko mojih uspomena. Dok lagano prelazim most, ispod mene teku uspomene, žubore u vrtlogu i odnose dušu sa sobom, a prijeko tamo djetinjstvo me čeka. Pokušavam da se sjetim osnovnih elemenata kompozicije, pravila trećine, da se skoncetrišem na Sreću koja vrišti i u strahu govori kako se most jako ljulja. A ja…nisam tu. 

Na mostu čije dno čine truhle daske stoji petogodišnja djevojčica crne čupave kose, blatnjave odjeće, prašnjavog lica, dok je za ruku vodi žena nježnog lica poput bebe, pokrivene kose i obučena u šarene dimije, bluzu od identičnog platna i preko svega toga polover. Žena, čvrsto drži malenu djevojčicu za ruku i govori joj da kada dođu u prodavnicu, slobodno smije da kaže šta želi da joj kupi. Djevojčica usput skakuće čvrsto držeći ženu za ruku i sretno prelaze most koji se ljulja na svaki njihov korak. Iako su daske mosta truhle i na nekim dijelovima se pojave ogromne rupe kroz koje odsjaj rijeke dolazi, djevojčica se ne boji. Sigurna je tu. Drži je ruka najvoljenija. Danas, djevojčica je žena. Ta žena je dovela svoju veliku djevojčicu i čvrsto je drži za ruku, nadajući se da ona osjeti istu sigurnost i ljubav.

I danas, neopisivo je nedostajala jedna ruka da me povede. Danas neopisivo sam zahvalna što sam imala drugu ruku da povedem.


U subotu su se clanovi Skole fotografije zaputili ka tvrdjavi koja nadgleda Vranduk, mjesto na podrucju Zenice. Vranduk je od osnivanja 1463.godine bio banski, a zatim kraljevski grad, a tvrdjava je podignuta krajem XIV vijeka.

“Ovo je zemlja mojih djedova,” rekla je Dervisa Fetic Zahirovic dok smo koracali prema prvom vidikovcu.

Ime Vranduk se prvi put spominje 1410.godine, i izvedeno je od rijeci branduk, sto znaci braniti. Osmanlije su u više navrata opsjedale Vranduk. Zauzeli su ga 1463. godine. U svom pohodu na Bosnu 1697. godine, Eugen Savojski je, uočivši težinu osvajanja grada, zaobišao Vranduk. Vise o Vranduku.


Clanovi Skole fotografije se sastaju svake srijede u Muzeju Garda Zenice, a vikendom idu zajedno fotografisati.

©Merima Medzic




Clanovi Skole fotografije ce imati izlete svake druge nedjelje kako bi uslikali i ispricali pricu o mjestu i mjestanima koje budu posjecivali. Ovo ce biti i njihov finalni projekat, ujedno i prva knjiga Skole fotografije o Bosni i Hercegovini.

©Sabina Hamzic

Prvi izlet se iskoristio tako sto se obisao Vranduk i tvrdjava u kojoj se moze igrati luka i strijele, a zatim su se ucenici pjeske popeli i do drugog vidikovca.


“Sada mi je krivo sto sam dosla,” nasalila se Sabina Hamzic, ucesnica Skole fotografije. “Sada cu morat’ dolaziti na svaki izlet. Ovo je tako lijepo.”

O iducem izletu cemo vas obavjestiti na casu.

Tepsija, folija i jaje!

“Uzeo sam jaje i ispod njega postavio valovitu žutu foliju (iz bombonjere) da bih dobio neki odraz. Za pozadinu sam iskoristio svoju crnu duksericu te sam je okačio na stolicu iza. Sa strane sam postavio crnu tepsiju da bih dobio malo refleksije svijetlosti sa strane jajeta. Odlučio sam, također, poprskati jaje vodom da bi dobio neku zanimljiviju teksturu te da bi mi slika bila zanimljivija. Jednom rukom sam držao mobitel iznad jajeta a drugom sam podešavao fokus (p.s. morao sam manuelno jer nije bilo dovoljno svijetla za automatski) te fotografisao.” -Ahmed Music

Izabrali smo jos neke fotografije koje su imale sve elemente: svjelost, kompoziciju i objekat u fokusu, a neke su nam jednostavno bile simpaticne! Bravo ekipi! Hvala svima i pohvale na uspjesnom prvom zadatku! Idemo dalje, ucimo zajedno!!!